Design AGO


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My name is Aron Gagliardo and I am graphic designer.

Before starting Design AGO, I worked as the Art and Alumni Coordinator for the American Academy of Art, where I also earned my BFA in Graphic Design. It was here that I was responsible for all aspects of design and marketing including social media, digital, print, web as well as art direction and team management.

Great businesses and brands aren't born, they're designed and created, like rock stars. I don't believe in boring. I do believe in speaking to an audience and not at them, trying something different, being real and creating something beautiful and unique. To get you the new fans you deserve and get your existing audience cheering you need to be different. Something they've never seen.

You're one of a kind and I'll help you find your voice and get to the heart of who you are and where you want to go. You've got a business to run. This is where I come in.

Have a design project I can help you take to the next level?

Please feel free to contact me. I’m excited to hear about your project and know I can create something you will be thrilled to call your own. 

More than ever, GOOD design matters. GOOD design sells.