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Does your website wording suck?


Here’s why it stinks and how to fix it.

Once upon a time before the world was a smart phone away we were overjoyed by content. We had the time and attention spans to savor information. Man, have things changed. Now we scroll past dozens of posts and websites looking for something to interest us. So when it comes to business and finding customers, how do you get someones attention and keep it? 

Just as all our attention spans have shrunk so should your web copy. While any business owner is rightfully proud of their years of service, awards and accomplishments, you need to find a way to strip it down to what makes you unique.

When I build a website for someone the first thing I do is consolidate everything. Fewer pages the better. Once that is done it becomes quite noticeable that there is usually Too Much Info. Often we don’t notice when it’s spread out over multiple pages. 

We want to cover all the bases for potential clients, answer any questions before they contact us. Even if you are as clear as possible people will still call to ask questions to answers right in front of them. And usually read it to you over the phone. Such is the world we live in.

Is your website suffering from Information overload? Just because you can share every single bit of information doesn’t mean you should. Because honestly, no one is going to read it anyway.



Drop the Jargon/Industry Speak

What is jargon? Industry terms that everyone uses and makes everyone sound the same, boring as s**t! How many times have you read a job posting that went something like “fast paced, team player, motivated, blah, blah... boring. 

95% of websites out there all have the same info. 

So how do you fix it? Write like you’re talking to someone who has no idea what you do. Like you’re talking to a friend. Talk to the audience you want not what you think you should say to get any customer.

Here is a great article about how to turn empty jargon into powerhouse copy.



Delete, Delete, Delete.

Not everything you say and do is important.

Take some advice from branding expert, Pia Silva. “Let go of trying to explain details- we don't care. Focus on finding the main one or two points that really pop, and only talk about that. It will resonate better and leave listeners curious and wanting more. It will also position you as an expert. When business owners overwhelm you with details the underlying feeling is desperation and overcompensation, whether the customer realizes or not.” 



Elevator Pitch/Headline

You’ve got seconds to get someone’s attention. Put it right out there on the top of your website front and center. Explain what you do in one sentence. And make it memorable.



Don’t Be Afraid.

At the end of the day we all want great clients and customers who love what we do and come back for more or recommend us to others. You shouldn’t try to appeal to everyone. You’ll never stand out. Go with your gut. Write for yourself not what you think someone will want to hear. Your unique voice will resonate with the ideal client. And no it won’t happen overnight so stick with it. Keep revising, editing and crafting.



Hire someone

Still not feeling it? There are tons of writers out there that can help or if needed write copy for you.


Just like this article keep it short, unique, focused and you know, be yourself.
Your future customers will appreciate you.


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