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Is Your Business a Jim Osterberg Instead of a Iggy Pop?

A Farrokh Bulsara instead of a Freddie Mercury?

A Joan Marie Larkin instead of a Joan Jett?

A Davey Jones instead of a David Bowie?

A Stevland Hardaway instead of a Stevie Wonder?

You get the picture.

Great businesses and brands aren't born,
they're designed and created, like rock stars. 

To get you the new fans you deserve and get your existing audience cheering
you need to be different. Something they've never seen.

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Don’t Be That Guy or Girl

The ones still trying to rock that outdated look. The leisure suit, the too-tight t-shirt, the 80’s heavy metal hair, sometimes you need someone to tell you, let it go. Same goes for your design. It’s not easy to create something timeless. So you’re probably going to need to refresh your company look. Some things more often than others.

At a time when organizations must change rapidly to meet new challenges or risk oblivion, what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. - Michael Bierut 

And you’re going to need to hire a professional or you run the risk of having a design that looks, you guessed it, unprofessional. When I say professional I don’t mean finding someone to design your logo for $100 that “can draw pretty good”.


Yo Adrian, I did it.

We survived another year of punches to keep our businesses going and growing. Our goals for this year are already in motion. We know It takes a lot of work. But as Marie Forleo says “Everything is figureoutable”. 

As we all look for ways to make improvements, we reflect. What did we do wrong, and what did we do right? How can I get more awesome projects like that? I know i can help more people with my kickassness. And That one client, OMG. Holy turd.


So You Wanna Be a Rock Super Star?

How well your business does is directly effected by how you present yourself to an increasingly sophisticated and savvy world. (Well at least some of the world). Start thinking like a rockstar. What makes you memorable, what makes you stand out? The good news is, you don’t have to bite the head off a bat.

  • Do you have new technology?

  • New products?

  • New offers you need to promote?

  • What’s new and exciting about your business? 


And with every new year, design trends change and attention spans get even shorter.

  • Are you easy to find and contact online? 

  • Does your logo look professional, contemporary & memorable? 

  • Is your website mobile friendly? 

  • Is your Socila media up to date? 

  • Is your location fun to visit?


What are some things to be concerned about? Let’s take a look at your web presence.

  • Do you have a website? 

  • Is it appealing?

  • Does it have good images?

  • Is it mobile friendly?

  • Does it have too much info?

  • Do you have a chat service enabled?

  • And, most importantly is it easy to contact you?


And what about a logo?

  • Do you have one?

  • Is it looking outdated?

  • Does it look unprofessional?


How’s your social media?

  • Is It updated regularly?

  • Is it cohesive?

  • Does it provide value?

  • Do you stand for something?

  • And, again, most importantly, are you easy to contact?


Are You Ready to Rock? 

Just remember to be true to yourself and who you are and what you believe in.

If you work hard, people will find you and appreciate your gifts.

And if you aren’t sure if your design needs work, fear not, I’m here to help. Take my free evaluation HERE.

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” - Dolly Parton 


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