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The Cost of Bad Design:

“If you think that good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.” - Dr. Ralf Speth CEO Jaguar Land Rover

You get what you don’t pay for. Sure you can get by, maybe even do great for yourself, but if you want to grow and more importantly, keep up with the times, you need to invest in how your business looks and is perceived by others. Branding is really about how your customers see you. If you don’t feel like spending money on your business customers won’t either. 

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Don’t Be Cheezy. How to Avoid Bad Stock Images:

Images Are Everything

Today, using shitty stock photos swiped from google isn’t gonna make the cut. And content without images will drive people away in seconds. Tastes are far too sophisticated and consumers can spot a phony image a mile away. Learn who your audience is, what makes them tick, what they want, and use this knowledge to speak to them visually. Either through user generated content or a better understanding of what they respond to. Think authenticity.

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Is My Website Out-of-Date and Do I Still Need a Website?

With so many ways to communicate today is a website still a necessity?
Can't I just have a instagram page?

Sorry but no, you still need a website AND an instagram, twitter, facebook, etc. (I’ll discuss which social network is right for you in a future blog.)

Look at it this way. The more ways people can find, interact and patronize your business/project the better. We want our old customers coming back for more and attracting new potential fans. 

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How (And Why) to Hire a Graphic Designer:

I'll never understand it. Why spend time, effort,  and who-knows-how-much money on a dream only to cheap out when it comes to the design/identity? Attention spans being shorter than ever we've got a second of someones attention to make an impression. I know I often pass something by if it doesn't stand out as being bold, unique, intriguing or just designed well. 

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