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Logo Redesign

Project: Logo Design / Collateral Design
Client: Apex Partners, LTD.
Work: Logo Design, Collateral Design

A logo is the face of your business and therefore one of the most important pieces of branding you will ever need. A great logo is simple and memorable. The more you try to add to it the less impact it will have. 

This logo for Apex Partners, a general contractor, was a fun challenge as it is outside of my usual niche. Working closely with the company owner we came up with a bold and modern new identity and a fresh base to grow the company.

Every design I do starts by finding out the clients problems and how I can help solve them.

We discuss needs, wants and desires. Every aspect of the business and the clients personality are taken into account before starting. Once I have an idea which direction to go the sketching begins. Dozens of ideas are put to paper and eventually a few will rise to the surface. 

 Success: Being able to give the client a updated and memorable new logo/brand identity across all collateral.

“The new identity looks great!” - Dan Waterman, President, Apex Partners, LTD.

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Original Logo

Original Logo